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Team Registration

Thank you to all who came, any team owing league fees can you please pay Jon Eades (treasurer) when you play against him, he plays for the Haywood Club A.

Can you also please get your team/player registration sheet to Chris Perriam (Secretary) as soon as you can please

**** 180 Knockout ****

Weston Trent Valley Committee have got together and decided that we are no longer giving out £10 for a high score of 180, instead you will be getting a 180 pin badge in a presentation box and entry into a 180 knockout with a chance to win £50, you get entry for each 180 you hit (if you hit 2 then you will get two go’s, 3 = 3 go’s)

The format will be 6 warm up darts followed by 9 scoring darts, the one with the highest score will win, in the event of a draw a further 3 darts will be thrown by the drawing players

Raised Oche’

From the start of the new season (January 2019) all teams will be required to have a raised oche for all league matches. The raised oche should be at least half and inch high and no less than 2 feet in length

Players Own Websites

Alan Hartley - Big Al’s Darts

Alan Hartley - Books By Alan J Hartley

If any other member of the league has their own website then please let me know

This is the only website that will carry official league details, any other websites will only have hearsay and rumours.


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